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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Welcome! So, what do we mean when we say HOLY SHEEP? Well, not only are we a couple of new shepherds who are slightly in over our heads when it comes to raising sheep and bringing "the cutest sheep in the world" (really, that's how the Valais breed is known!) across the continents to Middle Tennessee--but we're also dedicating this wild and wooly adventure of ours to the LORD as our "breed-up" program begins with a flock of four "F2" lambs. Yes, they're still in the process of "becoming" full-fledged Valais Blacknose Sheep...just as we're in the process of "becoming" worthy shepherds. Holy Sheep! Heaven help us, and may all the Saints, for whom our sweet and spunky little lambs are named, pray for us! 

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