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Available Sheep & Lambs

UPDATE 10/1/2023
We will be breeding our ewes later this month and are accepting reservations for our Spring 2024 F3 and F4 lambs.
We may have a couple of F2 proven ewes for sale as well
 (great for starting your own flock).
Stay tuned, or fill out the contact form below!
UPDATE: 8/1/2023

We have sold all of our 2023 wethers and are accepting reservations for our 2024 F3 and F4 lambs. At this time, we are offering two of our sweet, proven F2 ewes for sale (SOLD). Both are excellent mommas and gave birth to beautifully marked twin F3 lambs in March 2023.


We look forward to helping you on your journey to shepherding 

"the cutest sheep in the world."

SOLD 8/7/2023

Janis Joplin (F2 (75%), recorded with VBISBAR,

sired by Heartland Baggins, born March 2022)

Thérèse (F2, 75%) recorded with VBSS,

sired by Balambar, born March 2022, pictured with her 2023 lambs)



We were blessed with three ewe lambs and four ram lambs. We are offering three adorable F3 ram lambs (now wethers) for sale, please see the photos/details below. They will be registered with VBISBAR

and available after weaning in early-mid June.


We're expecting seven F3 lambs (87.5% Valais) from our ewes in March 2023! While we will be retaining any ewe lambs to continue our breed-up program, we'll be selling wethers/ram lambs in early summer. If you'd like to be on our waiting list for F3 and F4 lambs in Spring 2024, please email us at

or use the contact form at the bottom of this page!


F3 wether (87.5% Valais)

sired by Stratheden Clarence

$2600 - SOLD


F3 wether (87.5% Valais)

sired by Stratheden Clarence

Twin to Kaspar

$2,200 - SOLD


F3 wether (87.5% Valais)

sired by Stratheden Clarence

Twin to Kilian

$2,200 - SOLD

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