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And That's A Wrap!

With grit, grind, and a whole lotta grace we got through our 2024 lambing season, starring five amazing F2/F3 ewes and eight robust F3/F4 newborn lambs -- with "Uncle" Gabriel (our lone wether) functioning as our emotional support sheep. 🥰 All of our available lambs and F2 adult ewes have found new pastures and will be joining their new farm families soon.

THANK YOU to all who reached out to us. We love sharing news, answering your questions, chatting all-things Valais, and forming a community. Feel free to touch base anytime, we love hearing from you! We'll be breeding back our F3 and F4 ewes this Fall and expect (God willing!) to have F4 and F5 (domestic purebred) lambs for sale in the Spring of 2025, along with some F3 adult ewes.

Stay tuned, perhaps "the cutest sheep in the world" will be coming to your pasture soon. 🤩 Follow our blog and FB page for updates!


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